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Celebrate Manatee Awareness Month and help educate others about imperiled manatees by sending an ecard and message to family and friends. Click the button under the thumbnail image below to select your ecard design and include a personal subject line and message. Choose from four beautiful manatee photos to send. (click the links to see each ecard image): 1) ♥ Manatees, 2) Floating By To Say Hi, 3) Glad You're On My Mana-Team, 4) Have a Mana-riffic Holiday Season, and 5) Manatee Portrait. You can see more of David Schrichte's photos at

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<3 Manatees
Floating By To Say Hi
Glad You're On My Mana-Team
Have a Mana-riffic Holiday Season
Manatee Portrait



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