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February 2023 | Paddle Tales eNewsletter

Two manatees swim side-by-side in clear water.
It's A Fact
Newborn manatees weigh about 66 pounds (30kg) and measure about 3-4 feet (92-122cm) at birth, and most manatee mothers have only one calf at a time. However, a few cases of twins have been documented… including a pair spending this winter season at Blue Spring State Park with their mother, Estel! Read more about manatee reproduction.
Manatee Flash at Blue Spring State Park. Manatee Sightings: February 2023
Warmer temperatures meant a slow start to the season, but things picked up in January including a record count of manatees at Blue Spring State Park. Click here to find out the new record and check out the latest stories, photos, and videos from the park!
Runners leave the starting line for the Save the Manatee 5k in Harrison Township, Michigan. Save the Manatee 5k Turns 20!
This year we’re celebrating 20 years of the Save the Manatee 5k, which was started by supporter Lesley Argiri and has, to date, raised over $350,000 in donations to SMC. In addition to being a milestone year, 2023 also marks the return of the in-person race in Harrison Township, MI (you can still participate virtually from anywhere in the world)! Learn more about how you can join the fun.

A reminder for Florida residents: Event season is in full swing! Check out our calendar for details.
A manatee swims in front of the webcam at Blue Spring State Park with a satellite tracker attached to the manatee's tail. Let’s Talk (Manatee) Tracking!
Have you ever seen a manatee with what looks like a buoy attached to a belt around its tail? Most likely this was a manatee with a satellite tracking device! Read our new article to learn about how and why the devices are used. Discover more.
A still image of a YouTube video with a manatee coming up for air. Manatee Q&A: Do manatees sneeze?
What might a manatee do if it has something in its nose? Join SMC’s Director of Multimedia & Manatee Research Associate, Cora Berchem, to learn the answer, and hear more about how to identify if a manatee might be sick. Watch here.
Manatee Phyllis swims with her twin calves, who were later named Bertram and Bartram. Meet A Manatee: Phyllis
Earlier, we mentioned the pair of twins that have been spotted with their mother at Blue Spring State Park. But they are not the first pair of twins that have made the park their winter home. SMC adoptee Phyllis was spotted with her own twins, later named Bartram and Bertram, in 1991. They were successfully weaned and Phyllis has since successfully raised several more calves. She is a nurturer, and is regularly seen nursing other young manatees. Read more about Phyllis.
Don’t Miss: SMC Executive Director Patrick Rose on What’s Good In Tampa Bay with Ann Kelly
Check out this great interview that aired on January 25 on WDUV to learn more about SMC’s history, manatee protections in Florida, and how manatees are doing today. Listen now.

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Photo Credits: It's A Fact © David Schrichte; Meet A Manatee: Phyllis © USGS Sirenia Project; All others © Save the Manatee Club. Photos and illustrations can only be used with permission. Contact Save the Manatee Club for more information.

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