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April 2023 | Paddle Tales eNewsletter

A manatee swims past as another manatee approaches from the left in clear water.
It's A Fact
Manatees are unable to tolerate water temperatures below 68ºF (20ºC) for long periods of time. Because of this, the range of the Florida manatee is influenced by seasonal change. In summer months, manatees travel freely and have been documented as far north as Cape Cod! In winter, the population is concentrated primarily in Florida. Read more about manatee migration.
Rescuers attend to a manatee affected by red tide. Spotlight: Red Tide
So far in 2023, there has been an extensive red tide outbreak on Florida’s Gulf Coast, largely in Southwest Florida. Red tide organisms produce a neurotoxin that can affect manatees when it is present in high concentrations, and the current red tide bloom has led to an increase in the numbers of manatees requiring rescues, as well as many deaths. Read more about red tide, manatees, and how you can help.
Manatee Annie at Blue Spring State Park with her new calf. Manatee Sightings: April 2023
The season at Blue Spring State Park officially ended on March 24th. Temperatures were generally warm, but a small cold front brought many manatees back to the park! Read the final update of the 2022-23 manatee season here.
A manatee swims in front of the webcam at Blue Spring State Park with a satellite tracker attached to the manatee's tail. Getting Hands-On to Celebrate Seagrass Awareness Month
Save the Manatee Club volunteers did their part to help address seagrass loss in the Indian River Lagoon by building grids that protect seagrass plantings once they are placed underwater. Read more, see photos, and learn how you can join the next event!
A still image of a YouTube video with a close-up of a manatee face. Manatee Q&A: Do manatees use echolocation like dolphins?
Many of us know that dolphins can communicate via a process called echolocation. But what about manatees? Join SMC’s Director of Multimedia & Manatee Research Associate, Cora Berchem, to learn (and hear!) the answer. Watch here.
Deep Dent at Blue Spring State Park. Meet A Manatee: Deep Dent
Deep Dent first appeared at Blue Spring State Park in 1979, but he is a great example of how some manatees tend to adventure. He spends most winters at the park, but he occasionally misses a season or chooses to take off early for other destinations. Clearly, he is a manatee with a taste for travel! Read more about Deep Dent.
Don’t Miss: Updates on Adoptees Annie and Lesley
Recently, we have experienced both joy and sorrow for manatees in our Adopt-A-Manatee® program. On February 23, we were informed that manatee Lesley had been found deceased in Lake Woodruff. Then on March 17, manatee Annie gave birth to her sixth calf at Blue Spring. Read both our tribute to Lesley and our birth announcement for Annie and calf.

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Photo Credits: It's A Fact © Tracy Colson; Red Tide courtesy Tim Martell. All others © Save the Manatee Club. Photos and illustrations may only be used with permission. Contact Save the Manatee Club for more information.

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